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May 14, 2013

Efficacy and Safety of Soy Isoflavones for Postmenopausal Women

Italian researchers evaluated the efficacy and safety of a mixture of soy isoflavones (60 mg/day) and Lactobacillus sporogenes.  In total, 130 healthy postmenopausal women suffering from menopausal symptoms were randomized to receive either the combination treatment or a placebo composed of calcium and vitamin D.   After three months, there was a 34% reduction in menopausal symptoms in the isoflavone group versus only a 2.7% decrease in the placebo group.  In addition, at the end of one year, there were no differences between groups in endometrial thickness, mammographic density and serum levels of transaminases, gamma-GT and bilirubin.  Therefore, isoflavones were shown to be efficacious for alleviating hot flashes without adversely affecting markers of breast and endometrial cancer and liver function.

Gynecol Endocrinol 2013;29:209-12.