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Feb 25, 2014

Soy infant formula a safe and healthful choice

A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis by a team of researchers from five countries concludes that soy infant formula is a safe option and that the patterns of growth, bone health and metabolic, reproductive, endocrine, immune and neurological functions in infants using soy formula are similar to those observed in children fed cow’s milk-based formula or human milk.  This position is concurs with that of the American Academy of Pediatrics and agrees with the view of the lead investigator of the Beginnings Study, which is evaluating the development, nutritional status, and health of formula-fed children from birth through puberty.   According to Thomas M. Badger, PhD, Director, Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center, “there is no evidence of the adverse estrogenic effects that prompted the debate over potential estrogenic effects of soy infant formula and there is no reason to restrict soy infant formula use for infants where appropriate.”

Vandenplas Y, Castrellon PG, Rivas R, et al. Safety of soya-based infant formulas in children. Br J Nutr 2014;1-21.