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Jan 13, 2015

Health Canada announces intention to issue health claim for soy protein

Health Canada's Food Directorate has announced its intention to award a health claim for soyfoods and coronary heart disease based on the hypocholesterolemic effects of soy protein. Health Canada concluded that soy protein lowers LDL-cholesterol approximately 4 percent. The US FDA, in 1999, was the first regulatory body to formally acknowledge the benefits of soy protein although since that time, 10 other countries have done likewise. In evaluating the literature, Health Canada implicitly rejected claims that soyfoods might be harmful to some people other than the relatively small percentage of adults who are allergic to soy protein.

Food Risk Analysis Communication Issued By Health Canada’s Food Directorate. Health Canada’s Proposal to Accept a Health Claim about Soy Products and Cholesterol Lowering. Karima Benkhedda, Cynthia Boudrault, Susan E. Sinclair, Robin J. Marles, Chao Wu Xiao and Lynne Underhill.