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Jun 01, 2015

Snack Rich in Soy Protein Reduces Appetite and Satiety

The purpose of this research was to compare a 260 calorie high-protein or high-fat afternoon snacks vs. no snacking on appetite, food intake, mood, and cognition in adolescents with an average age of 17 years. Consuming a snack rich in soy protein but not a high-fat snack delayed eating initiation in comparison to not consuming a snack. The soy-protein-snack also reduced appetite to a greater extent than the high-fat snack. Not surprisingly, the soy-protein-snack resulted in a greater increase in protein intake and also tended to reduce confusion-bewilderment and increase cognitive flexibility. These results suggest that consuming soy protein in the afternoon will help to improve diet quality and may help to maintain ideal body weight.

Leidy HJ, Todd CB, Zino AZ, et al. Consuming high-protein soy snacks affects appetite control, satiety, and diet quality in young people and influences select aspects of mood and cognition. J Nutr. (2015).