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Nov 02, 2015

A growing body of evidence suggests soy has antidepressant effects

According to the WHO 350 million people suffer from depression. Several clinical trials have found soybean isoflavones exert antidepressant effects. Impressively, one study found isoflavones were as efficacious as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Now a study from China shows soyfood intake is inversely related to depression. The study involved 1,717 people at least 65 years of age living in rural Northeast China. In comparison to individuals rarely consuming soyfoods, those consuming soy at least 4 times per were much less likely to report being depressed (3.6% vs. 12.5%, P<0.05). The odds ratio (plus 95% confidence intervals) for those consuming soy 2-3 times per week vs rarely consuming soy were 0.50 (0.34, 0.74).

Source: J Nutr Health Aging. 19: 884-93 (2015).