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Dad feeding baby with bottle Children's HealthMen’s HealthWomen’s Health
June 4, 2021

No Hormonal Effects Observed in Infants on Soy Formula

This blog rarely discusses research on soy infant formula (SIF). There are many reasons for not doing so. For example, on a body weight basis, isoflavone exposure is much higher…

Woman drinking soymilk NutritionSoy ProteinWomen’s Health
May 27, 2021

Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation Protect against Fractures in Vegan Women

While there is evidence indicating vegetarian diets reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes,1 cardiovascular diseases,2 and certain cancers,3 there are also concerns that a vegetarian, and especially…

Bowl of soybeans Hot TopicsNutritionSoy Protein
May 19, 2021

Soy Ready to Meet Consumer Demands

A recent New York Times opinion piece suggested that we need to launch a moonshot for developing meatless meat. The author called on the U.S. government to put money and…


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