Soy Protein Provides Heart Health Benefits

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Men’s Health
February 8, 2018

Men’s Health Does An “About Face” On Soy…And Rightly So!

Men’s Health magazine, which once suggested male readers should avoid soy, has now come out with an article touting the benefits of soy consumption. Well, it’s about time. While it…

February 1, 2018

Can Soy Improve Cognitive Function?

As the U.S. population ages, increasing numbers of Americans are concerned about making sure their later years are healthy ones. Health involves numerous components but one that has received more…

Women’s Health
January 16, 2018

Better Skin Possible with Soy, Research Shows

Soy intake is linked with a wide variety of health benefits. Evidence supporting specific benefits ranges from solid (heart disease) to speculative (prostate cancer). One proposed benefit that has received…


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Soy Connection Facts vs. Myths

Soy Connection Facts vs. Myths

2017 Facts vs. Myths from the United Soybean Board and the Soy Nutrition Institute

The 2016 Soyfoods Guide

The 2016 Soyfoods Guide

2016 Soyfoods Guide from the United Soybean Board

Soy Men’s Health

Soy Men’s Health

Learn about soy and men's health

Soy Children’s Health

Soy Children’s Health

Soy foods and children's health

Soy for Heart Health

Soy for Heart Health

Soyfoods can make important contributions to heart-healthful diets


Soy Women’s Health

Facts about soy and women's health

Soy Myths and Facts

Soy Myths and Facts

Discussing myths and facts about soy

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