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Effects on Markers of CVD: Soybean Oil on Par with High Oleic Oils
The Heart of the Matter: Focus on Dietary Patterns
Plant-based Meat and Milk Offer Consumers Valuable Options
Importance of Soy Protein for Older, Plant-based Consumers
Examining the Oxalate Content of Soymilk
New Research Suggests Consuming Soy Reduces Risk of Cardiovascular Events and All-cause Mortality
When Evaluating Foods, Focus on Nutrient Content, Not Processing
Research Shows How to Increase Consumption of Plant-based Meats
Genistein May Be Useful for the Treatment of Triple-negative Breast Cancer


Nutrient Content More Important than Degree of Processing
Soy May Favorably Affect Risk Factors for CHD, the Leading Cause of Death in America
Isoflavones Associated with Lower Fracture Risk in Chinese Men
Research Highlights Relevant to Soy Isoflavones, SIF, Ultra-processed Foods and Protein Quality
New Evidence Further Shows Linoleic Acid is Beneficial and Not Pro-inflammatory
Can Soyfoods Help Combat the Rise in Iron Deficiency Anemia?
Are Fermented Soyfoods Hypoallergenic?
Origins of the Soy Feminization Myth
Systematic Review Supports the Safety of Soy for Women with Breast Cancer
New Study Confirms: Soy Oil Lowers Risk of Heart Disease; has no Impact on Inflammation, Oxidation
Two New Studies Highlight the Potential of Soy to Reduce Hot Flashes
Glyphosate Declared Non-carcinogenic in Draft European Report, and by Agencies Worldwide
New Study Shows Soy is Associated with a Lower Risk of Dying of a Heart Attack
Soymilk and Kidney Stones
No Hormonal Effects Observed in Infants on Soy Formula
Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation Protect against Fractures in Vegan Women
Soy Ready to Meet Consumer Demands
Not all Plant Foods are Equally Healthy
Isoflavones and the Alleviation of Hot Flashes
Consuming Soy During Pregnancy May Benefit Child
Observational Studies Can Point the Way, but Only Clinical Trials Can Prove Causality
New Dietary Guidelines Say Soymilk Only Suitable Alternative to Cow’s Milk
Supplementing Plant-Based Diets with Soy Protein Increases Muscle Mass and Strength
Many Soyfoods Suitable for Low Tyramine Diets
Soy Protein Does Not Lower Testosterone or Raise IFG-1 Levels in Men
Hybrid Meats Containing Soy Have Broad Appeal
New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Recommend Inclusion of Soyfoods


Plant-based Diets and Fracture Risk
New Insights about Dietary Protein Requirements
Soyfoods May Reduce Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s in Some People
Burger Wars Not Based on Nutritional Science
Is Soy Infant Formula Use Protective Against Breast Cancer?
Advantages of Soy Highlighted by the International Lipid Expert Panel
Patients on Warfarin Can Consume Soyfoods
Member Companies Up Philanthropic Efforts Amid Pandemic
Data Indicate Soy Consumption Does Not Feminize Men
Soyfoods and the Protein Leverage Hypothesis
Soymilk and Cow’s Milk: New Evidence to Consider
Cholesterol Levels Coming Down, But Dietary Changes Still Needed
Gut Bugs and Health: Implications for Soyfoods
Understanding How Soy Affects Breast Cancer Risk
Don’t Eliminate Beans to Reduce Sulfur Amino Acid Intake
Live Longer with Fermented Soy…Or Not
Prevalence of Soy Allergy Lowest Among the Big 8
“Soy Breast” News Without Merit
Peanut-Allergic Individuals Unlikely to React to Soy


Endocrine Disruptors and Why Soy Isn’t One
Cervical Cancer
Soyfoods Do Not Increase Risk of Developing Gout
Isoflavone Fears in Article Unfounded
Consumption of Plant Protein and Soyfoods On the Rise
Soy Protein Makes a Comeback
When It Comes to Clean Labels, Quality Is What Counts
Challenges to Dietary Fat Dogma Still Supportive of Soyfoods
Decades of Research Show Soy Protein Lowers LDL-Cholesterol
Skeletal Benefits of Soy
Growth Potential for Soy in Hybrid Meats
Clean Bill of Health for the Impossible Burger
New Study Confirms Soy Protein Lowers Cholesterol
Interpreting Epidemiologic Studies
Pilot Study: Soybean Oil Alleviates Cancer-Related Fatigue
New Insights about Soy and Prostate
Soy, High-Phytate Foods May Help Prevent Cancer
Soy Noted as Healthy, Sustainable in Report
Soy Improves Cognition, Recent Studies Indicate
FDA Approves Health Claim for High Oleic Oils

Soy Formula and Menstrual Pain: A Look at the Evidence
Soy Formula Doesn’t Inform about Soyfoods


Perspective on Breast Cancer and Soy Controversy
Building Muscle? Protein Blends That Include Soy May Be Advantageous Over Single Proteins
A Closer Look: Impact of Soy Infant Formula on Growth and Development
A New Take on Phytate
Weight Loss: Soy vs. Non-Soy Protein
Is Soybean Lectin an Issue?
Lifestyle Factors that Lead to a Longer Life
Soybean Components Make Soyfoods Enticing When It Comes to Good Health
Does Soy Belong in the Big Eight?
Soyfoods Misinformation Spread By Surprising Source
Diet, Weight Management: Where Do Soyfoods Fit?
Men’s Health Does An “About Face” On Soy…And Rightly So!
Can Soy Improve Cognitive Function?
Better Skin Possible with Soy, Research Shows


Soyfoods: Part of a Comprehensive Approach to Lowering Chronic Disease Risk
Isoflavones, Compounded Bioidentical Hormones, and the Alleviation of Menopausal Symptoms
Adventurous? Stinky Tofu Worth a Try
Speaking of Soy: Media and Internet Do a Disservice to the Science
The Scientific Data Are Clear: Soy Protein Provides Heart Health Benefits
Clinical Trials Highlight the Benefits of Soybean Oil and Contrast with Results in Mice
Soymilk: Should It Be Fortified With Iodine?
Growing Recognition for the Benefits of Soybean Oil
Legume Analysis Highlights Superior Quality of Soy
Soy and Puberty: No Adverse Effect
Sports Nutrition Paper Falls Short In Analysis of Soy Protein and Strength
Heart Association Confirms: Soy Oil and Polyunsaturated Fats are Healthful
Soymilk and Growth in Children
Choline and CVD Risk: A Relationship Worth Watching
Soyfoods Make It Easy to Eat More Legumes
Soyfoods Highlighted in Position Paper By Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Soy, Pregnancy and Pubertal Development
More Polyunsaturated Fat to Shrink Waistlines
Soy Consumption and Breast Cancer Patients: New Study Changes Nothing
Replace Dairy Fat with PUFA to Reduce CVD Risk
Soy and Sperm Production: Sensational Story Lacks Science
Research Sheds Light on Fat and Inflammation
Even Distribution of Daily Protein Intake a Key to Good Health
Linoleic acid not to blame for the obesity epidemic


Primary Prevention of Heart Disease: Diet or Drugs?
Evaluating Nutrition in Plant Milks
Isoflavones Deserve More Attention for Their Effects on Hot Flashes
Assertion by Actress Blake Lively Incorrect Regarding Soy and Weight Loss
Soy Isoflavones and Hot Flashes: Getting to the Bottom of Conflicting Findings
Fermented Soyfoods and Health: Are They Really Better for You Than Tofu and Soymilk?
Cholesterol-lowering effects of soy protein: Historical and clinical perspective
Soy Plays Important Role in Asian Diets, But Consumption Varies Among Countries
How Much “Hidden” Soy is in the American Food Supply?
Phytate and Mineral Absorption: An Updated Perspective
Science Supports Safety of Genetically Modified Soybeans
Isoflavone Supplements Are Safe According to the European Food Safety Authority
Soybeans and the U.S. Food Supply
Lessons about Soy from Observational Studies

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Author Dr. Mark Messina

PhD in Nutrition, Director of Nutrition Science and Research, Soy Nutrition Institute Global. Expert in soyfoods and isoflavones.

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